Sunday, September 26, 2010


I have been home for the last 4 days and I have been happy and had some serious fun. Partially due to "chillin" with my friend Adam and partially because I am in a place that is comfortable to me. The odd thing is, that I don't want to go back to school at all. I have no desire to go back and try medium-hard at a place I don't care about. I have been doing school for the last 4 years and I am almost done with my degree and I don't care. I know that I have to finish since I have put so much time and effort into getting this far. I will be the 2nd person in my immediate family to complete a bachelor degree, which in my mind is the only on that really means anything. Associates means that you have tried a little and you have just enough energy to do 2 years. Lazy. Masters means that you are either smart, really smart or determined, which to me doesn't matter, because you are losing your mind at this point. Doctorate just means that you either are insane or have the goal of getting there at some point. You are a workaholic. After I am done with school I will go to work for a couple years and then go to seminary, Lord willing. I know that it sounds like a huge endeavor, but honestly I think that I need the training and I think that I will want to accomplish more in the future, regarding counseling.

I will be happy as long as I am close to family and friends and have a good ministry.

I want to thank Adam Buddy for the fun times that we had together and I look forward to chillin with him again. I always do

Much Love and Respect,

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