Friday, June 25, 2010

So April Showers Brings Me Towers

So looking back at my April post about missing Aaron... I am feeling the same way now. I took Aaron for granted. He has always lived with me and so when I was privileged to see him get married to his beautiful bride, I was really happy for him, but at the same time sad for myself. It feels like I am gaining a sister, but losing a friend. Now I know what you are thinking, "Spenny, that doesn't make sense", and you are correct, t doesn't. I have thought of Aaron as a brother for such a long time, because I never had one and never really had anyone that came close for most of my life. I have always made a big deal about who my friends are and who I feel close to, but Aaron was the first friend that got me, was competitive and would not turn down a good conversation or a comforting hug. I feel like he is the closest thing I have to a brother. But now that he is married, we can not be friends like we used to. No longer can we play Magic till 1 a.m. and hang out in my room playing video games. He has to become one with his new bride. They have to grow closer and I know that things will change and she will take some of the things away from us. Don't get me wrong, its not bad, it in fact has to happen, or their marriage would suck. She has to live with him, spend more time with him and share life with him, now that they live together. I totally get that, cause they will be together for the rest of their lives, honoring God and loving each other in ways our friendship could not. Now I have known her for a while and I knew her slightly, but it wasn't until the wedding that I got to see some of the great things about her and hear some of the things that people admired about her. I feel that I have a greater respect for her and I think that Aaron is in good hands. Now the application part of my blog: I think that this blog about Aaron leaving my life and starting a new one is how the Lord works in our lives to make us a new creation in Him. Aaron is leaving the old life of hanging out with me, in this illustration I will symbolize a sinful lifestyle and he has moved on to a new one, which is symbolized by the new married life. Aaron will still sometimes hang out with me and some things will remind him of me, but that will slowly fade away. This is like a new life in Christ, we are still new creations, but we still sometimes dabble in the old lifestyle. As time goes on, our friendship will fade and the new life will take hold of him as he acquires children and takes care of his family. I will one day be a small blip on the radar, but sometimes things will remind him of me and the good times, but we will not talk much. This is like when we mature in Christ, we become so involved in Him, that we lose focus on the sin in our lives. The sin is not a big part of our lives, but some things will remind us of our past sin. I hope that this blog helped you. I know that I had to verbalize this thought, cause its been on my mind for a while.

Love and Respect,