Sunday, February 1, 2009


What does that word mean? Covenant. I wonder this as I am having a problem. I have heard that word a lot in the past, relating to the Bible, when Abram made a covenant with God. God blessed him. Even Job, he made a covenant with his eyes, to not look on a young woman lustfully. With me though, I am having trouble with a friend. I made a covenant to be there for him, but now, it is really being tested. I totally meant it when I said that I would be there for him, but now, it is hard. I know what I must do though, I must stay true to my word.

Oh and for all of you who don't know what a covenant friend is: It is a friendship where you don't hide anything, as it was put by Allison,"I want you to see all of the yucky things in my life and be okay with it and I want you to show me all of your yucky things too."

Forgiveness is good, friendship is better