Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So I have had some time to take a break from blogging and a vision for the future. I desire to continue my experience that I have taken up in University. I have started to love to talk to people and try and assist them in their troubles. I desire in some small way to become a Biblical counselor. I have had mixed feelings from this. "Can I do it?", "Is this just a whim or is this what I am suppose to do?". My sister assures me that I will not be able to listen to people that long and help them. I have also been told that if i want to do that, I will also have to do another job in a church, because most churches can not afford to pay someone to just be a counselor.

This along with the coming of my new pastor to my church back in Williston, North Dakota, has sparked my desire to go into ministry. Did I see this coming? Not really, but in some way, I always knew that I would. Especially after I started to not care about any other job that I have had.

Sorry, let me get back to my new pastor and what I think about him. His name is Pastor Ashley Olinger. I would personally describe him as a mix of John Piper, Dan Allen and my Grandpa Stan. But if I would try and describe him to someone who doesn't know who those people are, I would have to say that he is a knowledgeable and wise man. He demands respect, all at the same time staying completely humble. It only took me hearing him speak once to see that he is going to destroy the communities in Western North Dakota. And by that, I mean that he is going to take everyone by surprise. I see some of the things he is doing, done at college and in the campus ministries, but the people over in Williston have never seen this stuff and they will never see it coming.

I really wish that I could have been a real Christian long before now and he would have been my pastor before this time. I would have loved to be discipled by him in high school and gone to the same school in Canada as him, so that I could have gotten the same training as him, so that I would be as effective as him. But you know what, I can not live in the past, and all I can really do is live for the future.

As great as Ashley is, he would be nothing without his wife Lisa. She is the ying to his yang the peanut butter to his jelly. She is as strong as an ox mentally-wise. If something needs to get done, Lisa can do it. She is organized and can get you out of a tough pinch. (I think that is a term... sorry if it isn't). I am excited to see them work in the future. I think once I hang out with her more in the future I can lock down a more descriptive paragraph.

They have two sons too. Maybe in a future blog I will type on them. Aaron and Adam are awesome for their own reasons. They inspire me, Aaron for his responsibility and Adam for his likability and knowledge/wisdom at a young age.

Love and Respect,

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