Friday, February 12, 2010

Is there sliding back in growth?

So lately I have been told that I seem different by a couple different friends. I have even been told that by a girl I have never really talked to. So does this mean that I am changing who I am, or does that mean that God is finally changing who I am? It's really odd. I was told two times by the same person and once by another friend that I act different, not as weird anymore. My one friend still insists on calling me weird and a freak, which to be honest hurts my feelings, because I look up to them. I am trying to be more quiet, reserved and pick my battles, along with pray and read the Bible more, memorize scripture and just plain 'ol love on people. I think it is working, but who knows. I hope that this change in me is evident to myself soon, or the people who tell me this have gotten my hopes up for nothing. I honestly don't have a problem with changing myself, I mean, I have been doing it for years. Thanks for reading about me and thank you for supporting me in this adventure. I am currently in the process of being changed and hopefully I can be lucky enough to intern at University of New Mexico after I graduate. I can only leave it in His hands. I love all of you who read this. I have since this last summer stopped advertising that I am going to be blogging and just let the people who really care just come and stare into my thoughts... this is your reward.

Much Love,

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